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Jennie Cook - Mountainview Appraisals, LLC
Old Town, ME 04468


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Company Name:   Mountainview Appraisals, LLC
188 Veazie Street
Old Town, ME 04468




Appraiser's Full Name:   Jennie Cook
License/Certification Number:   AP 1691 - Licensed Residential
State Licensed in:   Maine
E&O Insurance:   $1,000,000
Services Provided:   Residential 2-4 Family Relocation FHA
Areas of Specialty:   FHA,Manufactured Housing,Divorce
Preferred Payment Methods:   Cash Personal Checks
Counties Covered:   Penobscot,Piscataquis,Hancock,Somerset,Waldo,Kennebec
Description of Services:   Very quick and efficient turnaround within 24-48 hours of inspection. No extra travel fee if within counties listed. Due to lack of online info of assessment data -- nights and weekends are limited.
Email:   Email


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Fee Schedule

Residential  $350.00
Exterior Only  $255.00
Condominium  $350.00
2-4 Family  $400.00
Relocation  $450.00
FHA  $400.00

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