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Have you ever wondered why some web sites show up at the top of the search results and others don't when you perform a search in one of the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, etc.  Well here it is: Most search engines such as those mentioned herein will index a web site in part by the number of links that a web site has to and from it.  Theoretically, the more links there are to and from a web site the more popular the web site is considered to be by the search engines.  US Appraiser Search is already indexed in every major search engine, sometimes hundreds of times thereby giving us a better ranking than most other appraisal directories.  If you already have a web site you can increase your chances of improving your search engine ranking just as we have by including a link to our web site within your web site.   
Simply cut and past the code from the text box on the left anywhere between the html tags within your web site.  The code will generate the text exactly as it is shown on the right.  

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